Who is MODest Racing?

MODest Racing started out in 2008 as a Car Club in Hawaii.  Our Owner James wanted to be part of a family that didn't discriminate against certain cars or types of builds. Everyone has the same passion of modifying cars and that's all that really mattersed.  Being an Import guy while his best friend was a domestic guy, the two learned from each other and began building more and more cars.  James has owned many vehicles, but the most known are his 1,000+hp Evo known as "Jasmine", his 2JZ S15 Silvia and can also be seen on many of David Patterson's "Thatdudeinblue" YouTube videos. For more info on the cars, check out the MODest Garage at the top of the page!

While never utilizing any "sponsors" for his builds, James built his cars in his garage just like 85% of car enthusiasts.  After realizing how quality parts are just too expensive for the average enthusiasts to buy,  more and more people started taking short cuts to complete their build and sacrificing safety to have a better looking ride. James wanted to give the opportunity to help the people of the car community and give back to those less fortunate at the same time. 

Here at MODest Racing, we enjoy talking to our customers and supporters.  We build a relationship with each indivisual instead of just trying to sell parts.  We do our best to save you money, while giving some of that profit to charities and organizations who do good things for the less fortunate. With so much negativity in the world today, life is too short not to give a little back in hopes of building a better world for the future.

Although busy, James tries to update our followers on Instagram, Facebook and when he can, YouTube videos. He also wants to show you what you want to see.  So contact us at MODest Racing and tell us what you want to see more of.  We will do our best to make it happen!

We love pouring sweat, busting knuckles and finding tools the same as everyone else with this crazy passion.  While a lot of shops and companies are out there looking to take advantage of people and get rich, we try our hardest to help whenever we can and give back to those that that work so hard for their end result!

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